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In addition to the amazing talents listed above, there are countless other artists ( deceased ) whose work has significantly influenced me. A selection of the most notable would include:

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Moebius (Jean Giraud)     Frank Godwin     Arturo Del Castillo     Frank Frazetta     Leyendecker

Fortunino Matania     Norman Rockwell     Andrew Loomis     Sergio Toppi

Muddy Colors

Lines and Colors

Mark Boedges

David Curtis

Marc Dalessio

Nancy Depew

Peter Fiore

Mark Haworth

Stapleton Kearns

Robert Liberace

Daniel k Robbins

Nathan Fowkes

Jeremy Geddes

James Gurney


Marcos Mateu-Mestre

Ian Mcque

Alberto Mielgo

David Palumbo

Rob Rey

Simon stalenhag

Sabin Howard

Simon Lee

Pierre Alary

Denis Bodart

Tommy Lee Edwards

Enrique Fernandez

John Paul Leon

Daniel Maghen

Corrado Mastantuono

Paolo Serpieri *NSFW*

David Malan

Riccardo Federici

Rodolfo Damaggio

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